Hi, I'm Patka.

I literally grew up on pickles and kapusta (Sauerkraut in Polish). My grandmother taught me how to preserve the cucumbers from her garden and since then I'm a fermentation fanatic. I love yoga, organic food and of course fermentation... 👩‍🍳

It's me, Martin.

I love pizza, music and the internet. My whole life, I was searching for purpose and meaning. Then I quit my corporate job and started producing Organic Ferments. Since then I'm a very happy chap. I do try to do yoga daily but it's hard... 🤓

Together we started PAMA a Plant Based Kitchen, 2011 in East London. 

We have been crafting our Organic Ferments out of the Mother Earth Kitchen in Stoke Newington and then moved to Hackney Wick into a bitter space.

2017 we moved our HQ on the well-known "Sheepdrove Organic Farm" in Lambourn, West Berkshire, UK. We build our own Fermentation Kitchen, Climate Controlled zones and invested in state of the art manufacturing equipment which enabled the two of us to produce 1 Ton of ferments per day (200 jars). 

From 2011 until 2020 we’ve done hundreds of Farmers Markets in London selling our premium ferments from oak barrels. Our favourite Markets Queens Park from LFM and Stoke Newington from Growing Communities.

In 2021 we teamed up with fellow fermenting experts SUUR, to develop more amazing pickles, sauerkrauts and condiments. Our dream was to launch our new SUUR ferments with the bigger retailers and make premium organic raw ferments available for the many, not the few.

We attended trade shows like the Natural & Organic Products Europe, send hundreds of eMails, made thousands of calls trying to place our new SUUR line with some of the bigger retailers. A BIG win was getting our products listed with Abel & Cole - such a great company to work with.

The rising prices for ingredients, packaging and transport put a lot of pressure on us. We did not manage to grow quickly enough and needed to make the hard decision to pull the plug and close our beloved business in 2022. A real disaster and throwback for us.

Fermentation is a vital part of our lives and we could not live without it. Since we closed out kitchen here at Sheepdrove and sold all our machines to launch SUUR in the UK we can not immediately go back to produce ferments on a commercial scale.

We now want to share our knowledge gained from over a decade of building a fermentation business and help people to be more healthy, happy and preserve seasonal vegetables by natural fermentation.

Head Fermentalist from PAMA Plant Based Kitchen, the Slow Food Product Champion of 2020, one of the UK's most treasured organic sauerkraut brands, Patka, transforming our family business into a series of workshops at Sheepdrove Organic Farm as well as helping other startups to grow.

Patka has been fermenting and selling organic and biodynamic products in London farmer's markets, Planet Organic, Wholefoods, Abel & Cole and small independent shops across the UK for a decade. Using her experience, passion, and trust built around the PAMA brand, she will teach you how to ferment and integrate fermented foods into your diet. 

We'll show you why we make fermented foods and how you can enjoy them. Everyone knows "sauerkraut" and many know how healthy it is - but of course it has to be naturally fermented and organic sauerkraut. 

Cultured foods have been an integral part of traditional diets for thousands of years and are essential to a long and vibrant life. Teaming up with trillions of friendly bacteria and enzymes that aid digestion and repopulate the gut microbiome.

If you are looking for help to take your fermentation business to the next level, you want to learn to make your own ferments, or need a head Fermentalist for your Hotel or Restaurant - GET IN TOUCH!

Love, Peace & Sauerkraut 🤟

We'd love to hear from you!

Good food is love. Love for you because it tastes great and is healthy, love for your soul because it's grown, processed and marketed fairly, and love for our planet because it's organic and sustainable.