• First

    Fresh organic vegetables are being washed, cleaned or peeled.

  • Second

    Then cut, salted and pounded. Completely without additives.

  • Third

    Aged without starter cultures in airtight barrels at 18°C ​​for 3-12 weeks.

  • Done

    Only then filled into glass jars for optimal consistency and taste!

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What exactly happens during fermentation?

Fermentation means the conversion of organic substances by microorganisms. Food has been fermented all over the world for thousands of years because it makes it easier to digest, healthier and lasts longer. Sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt and coffee are just a few examples.

At SUUR, we rely on wild and natural fermentation, which means that we do not add so-called starter cultures. Lactic acid bacteria, which are naturally found in vegetables, multiply, pre-digest the starchy components of the vegetable and convert them into acid. It is ingenious that only microorganisms that are harmless or even very healthy for us humans can multiply in the acidic environment, other bacteria don't stand a chance here!

Why are fermented vegetables so healthy?

Vegetables are already super healthy in themselves: vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fibers and much more... Fermentation makes them even healthier: they contain even more vitamins and enzymes that are more readily available to the body. It also becomes more digestible by converting sugar and starch into acid.

Since our SUUR ferments are always raw and never pasteurized, the living microorganisms responsible for fermentation can also reach your intestinal flora. The probiotic lactic acid cultures from raw fermented foods can effectively support your gut microbiome and therefore your immune system. There are now many studies that suggest that fermented foods contribute to a healthy diet!


Preferably every day.

Probiotic cultures from fermented vegetables have a positive effect on your intestinal flora (gut).

Unfortunately, since they don't settle there permanently, so you have to send new teams of the little good bacteria down regularly.

Why fermented vegetables can be a useful contribution to a healthy diet:

  • They contain vibrant cultures that…

  • ...protect your gut microbiome and...

  • support your immune system.

  • Rich in vitamins & enzymes

  • ...as well as fibers & prebiotics.

  • Light and easy to digest and...

  • ...increases the variety of your diet.

  • Sustainable because organic & long-lasting!

  • Expand your taste horizon...

  • ... and they simply tastes delicious!